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We launch EFFECTIVE STAR Basic

We’re closing the head office, but we ship the packages

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Chinese year of the Rat

PROMOTION 02/2020 - Limit LK65 +100 %


New bottles for our products

SEA 2020

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Gifts from STARLIFE for the whole year

…continue to crunch even in January 2020!

…continue to crunch even in January 2020!

Change in product

Regarding product COENZYSTAR Q10 EXTRA #1119, there is going to be change in a colour and size of the capsule. However, its active content, size and pricing remains the same. Both colours are in stock and can be purchased.
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Limit LK65 +100 % valid until the end of 12/2019!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Opening hours at the turn of the year 2019-2020

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1.1.2020 new Business conditions came into the force as well as new wording of the Agreement regarding the cars of STARLIFE carfleet.
We need your statement till 31.1.2020.
Agreement = you'll continue driving.
Disagreement = you will return the car to STARLIFE headquarters till 31.1.2020.

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