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If you are interested in a car, then you are in the right place

We offer, under certain terms and conditions,
the possibility to rent a car for one year.

  1. By choosing a car, the Applicant undertakes the responsibility to pay for at least three consecutive months and all the following conditions (paid points):
    • personal purchases of at least 100 PV
    • structure turnover of at least 1,200 BPGV
    • have at least 3 branches, each having at least 333 BPGV
    • fulfillment of the LEADER CARD

    During these three months the Applicant is required to:
    • To become familiar with all the conditions, rules and frequent questions about the AUTO 1.000 Program
    • Complete the TEST AUTO 1.000 without error
  2. Once all the conditions and obligations of point 1 have been met, the Applicant is contacted by STARLIFE in accordance with the question of whether the interest to the car is still concurrent or not (NO = nothing is happening, YES = proceeds according to point 3).
  3. If YES, a common deadline for handing over the car at the STARLIFE headquarters in Hostivice is agreed upon.
  4. At the time of the handing over of the car at the STARLIFE headquarters, all documents are signed and the first monthly payment is paid. This payment is charged in full, even if the car is taken over during the calendar month. This fact is then taken into account when paying the next month.

Recommendation: Choose a car type according to your skills and realistic plans.

Thank you for your interest,
Our staff will contact you.


Do you really want to register as a person interested in a car from a group nepřekládat - zde bude typ vozu in the Programme AUTO 1.000?
If you click on YES, you are obliged to fulfill following requirements in a three consecutive months:
  • purchase in minimal amount of 100 PV
  • 3 branches, each one of them has at least 333 BPGV
  • fill out the Leader's card

Which car do you prefer

Your possible requirements for retrofitting the car prior to its takeover:

Are you interested in above-standard motoring or sorting?

Interested in a color of your request?

(Click on a color to see a preview of the car)

  1. When can we expect the car?
    • STARLIFE: From the fulfillment of all the conditions of the assignment of the car, the transfer of the car is carried out in a time dependent on the state of the cars at the STARLIFE headquarters (even during this "waiting" period, your activity is monitored and on the basis of this no / activity, the transfer of the car may be rejected).
  2. How is invoicing done?
    • STARLIFE: The given month is always paid for at the beginning of the month. Example: In the beginning of 10/2018 I pay for the period 10/2018, in the amount according to fulfillment in 09/2018.
  3. If I am on the waiting list and have no interest in the car, can I transfer this place to someone else?
    • STARLIFE: Sadly not.
  4. If I have a car for 1 year, who pays insurance + service?
    • STARLIFE: STARLIFE company.
  5. Who pays for the winter tires?
    • STARLIFE: Winter tires are your responsibility. You get the car with summer tires and you get yourself winter ones (by yourself).
  6. Is there a need for personal purchase for the monthly fulfillment of the car?
      • at least 100 PV per month (paid)
      • at least 100 PV monthly paid until the 10th of the month (one of the conditions for having a car for 100 £/110 €)
      • if the purchase is less than 100 PV per month for a consecutive month, STARLIFE has the right to remove the car
  7. Can I buy the car after a year of use?
    • STARLIFE: YES, it is possible; just submit a request to and STARLIFE will send you an offer. The car can be bought by you, your relative, a known, neighbor, anyone. And you still get a commission for mediation.


  1. Are there different criteria for the allocation of a car according to chosen TYPE?
    • YES, each type has its own criteria.
    • YES, but just for the first three TYPE, higher categories are the same.
    • NO, criteria for the allocation are the same, but monthly installments are different.
  2. What are the basic activity criteria for the allocation of a car and for the determination of monthly installment?
    • PV, PGV and BPGV.
    • PV, BPGV and number of LK65 registrations.
    • PV, BPGV and number of branches, where in each one of them at least 333 BPGV.
  3. What are the complimentary criteria for the allocation of a car and its keeping?
    • Pass the test for AUTO1.000, be active in LEADER CARD and to have positive balance on eSTAR.
    • Pass the test for AUTO1.000, be active in LEADER CARD, to have positive balance on eSTAR and not be an active member in any other company.
    • There are none, just to have sufficient balance on eSTAR.
  4. How many consecutive months have requirements in point 2. and 3. to be fulfilled in order to make request for a car?
    • 1 month.
    • 2 months.
    • 3 months.
  5. TYPE A (Fabia, Hyundai i10 etc.) – what is the minimal turnover for the allocation of a car?
    • 1.200 BPGV
    • 2.200 BPGV
    • 3.200 BPGV
  6. TYPE A (Fabia, Hyundai i10 atd.) – if all requirements are 100 % fulfilled, how much is the monthly installment? The lowest one that is in programme AUTO1.000 actually is
    • 500 Kč
    • 1.200 Kč
    • 2.900 Kč
  7. When should the 1st monthly installment be paid?
    • Within three days from the takeover of a car.
    • During the takeover of a car it already has to be paid in full amount.
    • After the ending of a 1st month of the using of a car.
  8. Based on activity for which month is the amount for the monthly installment calculated? Let's say for month May, I'm going to pay at the beginning of May, and installment is calculated based on the results from month:
    • April.
    • March.
    • At first, when the requirements have been met.
  9. In what kind of regime are the monthly installments being covered?
    • From eSTAR – if the amount on eSTAR isn't sufficient, the representative will go subzero; at the moment when subzero amount on eSTAR reach - 5.000 Kč, an invoice is issued upon such amount.
    • From eSTAR is the maximum possible amount deducted, an invoice is issued upon the due amount.
    • Invoice is issued to the representative in a full amount.
  10. The overview of invoices is possible to check on STARLIFE website in a section:
    • AUTO1.000
    • CDS
    • Editorial functions
  11. What happens if the invoice for a car is not paid?
    • If one, nothing happens, if two, STARLIFE company has right to claim returning of a car to STARLIFE company's headquarters.
    • If two, nothing happens, if three, STARLIFE company has right to claim returning of a car to STARLIFE company's headquarters.
    • The amount due is deducted from DIAMOND sponsor's eSTAR.
  12. When the on-board computer reports that is "time" to undergo maintenance, then...
    • it's necessary to visit headquarters and change a car for a new one.
    • it's necessary to visit the nearest service station.
    • it's necessary to visit the nearest authorized service station.
  13. Who's going to pay for the maintenance of a car?
    • All is covered by individual who is using a car.
    • Standar maintenance is covered by STARLIFE, the rest (water into the windscreen washer etc.) is covered by user.
    • All is covered by STARLIFE company.
  14. If a new car is handed over, standardly it's on summer tires. Winter tires, if they're a part of handover are:
    • Free of charge as a part of a car.
    • Paid by car's user; the amount is already incorporated into the monthly installment.
    • Paid by car's user; the amount is divided into monthly installments for one year that are being deducted from eSTAR (invoiced).
  15. If the malfunction signal light turns on, it's necessary to...
    • Visit the nearest authorized service station + call STARLIFE and report malfunction to responsible person.
    • Do nothing.
    • Stop and call STARLIFE's responsible person.
  16. If car accident is going to happen, it's necessary to...
    • Stay on site and call STARLIFE and report it to responsible person.
    • Visit authorized service station and call STARLIFE's responsible person.
    • Fill the Accident Statement in regarding the car accident (if the damage is more than 100.000 Kč or if participants aren't going to agree upon who's offender, call the police), visit authorized service station and call STARLIFE's responsible person.
  17. What should be done if after login on the "fill-in your mileage" window pops-up?
    • Made up something and fill it in.
    • Fill the actual mileage in, otherwise I'm going to pay contractual penalty.
    • Ignore such window.
  18. What is needed to be done, if STARLIFE sends me a call to return a car to its headquarters?
    • Return car to STARLIFE's headquartes within 5 days at the most from being told to, if that won't happen, the contractual penalty of 20.000 Kč will be charged.
    • Call STARLIFE's responsible person and try to persuade him to change his mind.
    • Nothing, STARLIFE will arrive to get a car from me.
  19. What is the co-occurrence in a crash?
    • None, all is covered by STARLIFE
    • 5 %, at least 5.000 Kč.
    • 10 % at least 10.000 Kč.
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Program AUTO 1.000


Program AUTO 333

1.1.2021 new Business conditions came into the force as well as new wording of the Agreement regarding the cars of STARLIFE carfleet.
We need your statement till 31.12.2020.
Agreement = you'll continue driving.
Disagreement = you will return the car to STARLIFE headquarters till 7.1.2021.

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