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HUMAN BODY SCANNER (HBS) is a device intended only for STARLIFE members.
It is based on most advanced electronics to be able to capture electromagnetic waves emited by the human body and analyse up to the level of mutual resonance of individual body cells => based on measurement results (which takes only one minute) it is possible to devise an optimum set of STARLIFE products to improve body condition.

More information:
+420 737 252 404 (Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 16:30)


  • you will get a complex overview of your own condition just in one minute
  • HBS measures electromagnetic waves emited by the human body
    • Human body is collection of many cells, that are constantly growing, evolving, differentiating, regenerating and dying.
    • Human cells are renewing themself spontaneously with the help of cell division.
    • Every second there are 25.000.000 human cells being divided in a full-grown human body.
    • Blood cell division speed is even up to 100.000.000 cells in a second.
    • During the cell division process are core and electron, that are essential particals of each cell and have electric charge, are moving very fast and transforming itself.

    Thanks to this process are cells constantly radiating specific electromagnetic radiation.

    To each body state belongs certain type of electromagnetic radiation:
    • When the body is healthy, it radiates different electromagnetic radiation than if it's ill or it has just commonly undetectable issues
    • Actual body state can be detected thanks to various intensity and frequency of electromagnetic radiation.
    • Energy of electromagnetic wave oscillates, which is given by actual stage of a disease and it is afflicted by cellular nourishment level.
    • Such an oscillation of electromagnetic energy is very small, but still measureable.

    Principle of metering - easily and amateurly

    Simple description of HBS device operation would be possible if we use it as a parallel to the listening of a radio receiver. In environment around us it is probable to catch many frequencies of various waves, but if you would like listen to particular program, you have to tune frequency of your desired station precisely. If you tune the frequency precisely, the radio begins to resonate and you have a possibility to listen to what the tuned station is broadcasting at the moment.

    On the similar principal of receiving frequencies of electromagnetic waves is also based HBS, just with the difference, that it is constructed to receive progressively all programs and retune whole band and detect, what particular tissues, organs, even particular cells are sending as a "signal". Consequently to evaluate where is the difference in metering which is composed from more than 800.000 clinically made meterings.

    Why HBS?

    HBS device has been constructed to use its most advanced technology to scan subtle electromagnetic waves, that are produced by human organism and analyze them up to the level of mutual resonances of individual human cells.

    We can obtain synoptical and comprehensive output from scanning of electromagnetic waves that cells in a human body are emiting. HBS device refers to abnormalities and shows us where we can search for causes. This allows us, with tiny adjustments of the lifestyle, to react in time on difficulties and get closer to complete harmony of organism.

    Scanning doesn't take more than one minute!

    In such a short period of time you will gain quite complex overview of your organism's condition!

    HBS scanning provides output in a form of reports that are thanks to the original software provided with explanations and comments, which can be examined on computer or be printed.

    According to HBS metering results is possible to suggest recommendation for optimal treatment or improvement of condition and thus even metered values.

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