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Enlarge picture GREEN COFFEE STAR
Code: #1210
Contents: 500 ml
Price:  72,00  £
In stock

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Who is permitted to request an installment purchase?
Individual, who fulfills both conditions at the same time:
  1. LK65 member
  2. Personal turnover:
    • at least50 PV monthly for the last 6 months
    • or
    • at least100 PV monthly for the last 3 months
    • or
    • sum of600 PV for the last year
  • once both of conditions are accomplished, you'll be permitted to request installments, i.e. button APPLICATION is active; it happens also if conditions are accomplished in the last month; given PV has to be paid (money on STARLIFE account)
  • We recommend to send an application up to 20th day in a month, because due date of the first payment is automatically set on the last day in a month in which installments were requested. :-)

  1. Fulfillment of conditions for issuing of an APPLICATION.
  2. Issue an APPLICATION = click on APPLICATION button (including the selection of installment type* and guarantee type**)
  3. Approval of application by STARLIFE company within two working days
  4. Applicant shall obtain from STARLIFE company on his/her e-mail:
    • official approval of installments with complete information
    • data for guarantee payment**
    • Agreement to Lease Equipment with Resulting End of Term Purchase (henceforth as Agreement)
  5. Applicant pays the guarantee** and sends 2x signed Agreement via Post on the address of STARLIFE's headquarters; both until due date of the invoice. If that doesn't happen, the application will be cancelled.
  6. AWS installation.
  7. AWS repayment – lease plan is shown at in section AWS.
* Installment type
  • 11 installments, principle = i'm paying 11x monthly installment in amount of „total amount/10“
  • 22 installments, principle = i'm paying 22x monthly installment in amount of „total amount/20“

If all instalments are paid on time, then amount of one/two installments is set on an eSTAR (according to regime 10/20) as discount on products

** Guarantee
  • guarantee = payment prior to AWS installation = proof that I am capable to comply with the lease plan
  • types:
    • 10 installments
      • payment of first three installments per month
      • payment of first three installments at once
    • 20 installments
      • payment of first three installments per month
      • payment of first three installments at once

In following STARLIFE INSTALLMENT PURCHASE application you'll be asked to select installment type (10 + 1 month or 20 + 2 months) and guarantee type (payment of first three installments per month or payment of those at once). After successful payment of those installments, AWS technician is being informed about this situation and shall contact you in order to arrange an appointment for AWS installation at address you've selected.

Would you like to continue in a request?

ATTENTION! Given personal information will be stated in Agreement to Lease Equipment with Resulting End of Term Purchase.
Invoice figures
Selection of application type
We recommend to send an application up to 20th day in a month.
Due date of the first payment is automatically set on the last day in a month in which installments were requested.

Euterpe are tall, slender palm trees with many offshoots, that are native to South America and the Antilles. The fruit flesh is used to make tasty drinks, and its terminal buds are used as a cabbage. Among the most well-known and used is Euterpe oleracea – Açaí palm. It grows to 25 metres and bears about 20 kg of fruits, which are similar to blueberries. They are dark blue due to natural substance anthocyanin, and their taste and smell resembles that of a cocoa. Antioxidant activity was tested and it was ascertained that its ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) ranks among the highest ones, i.e. the ability to absorb free oxygen radicals. Açaí is popular with the native inhabitants, who use it to increase their physical and mental activity.
Green tee is an antioxidant; it enhances natural immunity, mental performance, lipid metabolism, blood vessel elasticity and normal heart action.
Caffeine in green coffee enhances mental and physical performance and increases alertness.
Prickly pearOpuntia ficus indica – contributes to lipid metabolism and helps control the body weight in this way. It is interesting that it is good for hangovers.

Recommended dosage
15 ml 2× a day.
Refrigerate after opening.

Contents (30 ml): Filtered Water; Glycerin; Organic Açaí Juice 550 mg; Green Coffee Svetol® 400 mg; Green Coffee Bean Extract 400 mg; Citric Acid; Guar Gum; Pectin; Potassium Sorbate; African Bush Mango 131; Ascorbic Acid 30 mg; Organic Baobab Powder 15 mg; Green Tea Extract 15 mg; Raspberry Ketones Powder 15 mg; L–Carnitine Powder 15 mg; Organic Nopal Powder 15 mg; Natural Raspberry Flavor; Organic Stevia.
In the interest of easier orientation in the quantities of the active ingredients in extracts we indicate their actual (original) amount.

It is designed for children over 3 years of age.

This page has been started on June 17th 2014.

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If you need a qualified advice about GREEN COFFEE STAR effects, send a query to STARLIFE Medical Council. It will be processed by professionals with many years of experience with our products.
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Send your query to STARLIFE Medical Council.

1.1.2021 new Business conditions came into the force as well as new wording of the Agreement regarding the cars of STARLIFE carfleet.
We need your statement till 31.12.2020.
Agreement = you'll continue driving.
Disagreement = you will return the car to STARLIFE headquarters till 7.1.2021.

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