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Home is where we like to go back. Home is our refuge, our background. Home is made of colors and scents. Our products bring a breeze of perfect purity, endless freshness and unforgettable scent to your home.

H O M E.

Home is where we like to go back.
Home is our refuge, our background.
Home is made of colors and scents.

Anemos products bring
breeze of perfect purity, endless freshness and unforgettable scent
to your home.
Anemos means the wind in Greek.

Anemos product line:
Zefiro = ECO&BIO clothes washing products
Alisei = ECO&BIO dish washing products
Levante = ECO&BIO cleaning products

Why these products?

…these products are professional
  • contain quality detergents
  • respect the strictest EU guidelines
  • have pleasant, intense and durable clean scent

…are highly concentrated
  • just a few drops for perfect result
  • compared to common products on the market they last longer => money saving

…are disinfecting
  • extraordinary disinfect abilities even at low temperatures
  • regardless this effect they are completely safe and ideal for kids, elder people, even for person who prone to allergies

…are ecological
  • high cleaning power even at low temperatures => water and electric energy saving
  • degreasing power works for the first time round = no need to re-wash or re-clean => time, water and electric energy saving solution
  • thanks to its high concentration there is less need to buy additional packages than if we buy common products = less products needed = less plastic products => less transportation on roads = less pollution, less fuel consumption and less electric energy used

…are biodegradable
  • contained plant origin surfactants are biodegradable according to the CE 648/2004 standard

Does water have ability to wash?
Yes, it does.
Why do we use detergents then?

Have you ever tried to wash your clothes just in water? Clothes might seem to be clean, once they dry out the stain is still present. Water itself cannot eliminate all dirt. Water eliminates surface dirt but not the stain. Not accidentally we use for wash by water term „to rinse“, and not „to wash„ or „to launder“.

In order to perform perfect cleaning we need to add „something“ into water what might boost up its ability to wash and what can actually eliminate the dirt. This „something“ are surfactants, surface active substances, which have the ability to ease moistening of surfaces or miscibility of different liquids. Surfactants are organic compounds formed by hydrophilic "head" (with strong affinity for water, it connects with water) and hydrophobic "tail", which is repelling water and has a strong affinity for greasy substances (lipophilic). Thanks to this ability „tail“ connects to dirt structures. During washing the clothes off water also takes away „head“, which takes away „tail“ as well, to which the dirt is connected to: and that's how the stains are getting cleaned.


Different types of detergents work on the same principal, whether they're used for human, dishes or clothes. Each one of them is assembled for its specific function and they are not interchangeable. Differs in pH, differs in used surfactants and their percentage, differs even in contained enzymes. Inside the same category of detergents formula may also wary depending on the final application.
Dishwasher detergents for instance are highly aggressive, because this kind of detergent is not going to get in contact with the human skin.
Powder textile detergent composition is similar to dishwasher detergent composition – both use high pH to boost up its wash power.
Liquid detergents on the contrary are milder and work at near neutral pH.
Dish washing products use milder surfactants and are foamy.

Code Name, description Price  
8542 FACE WASH, 150 ml 41,00 $
8547 SHOES FRESHENER, 120 ml 27,00 $
8514 ULTIZYM CARPET CLEANER, 500 ml 31,00 $

Clothes washing products

…with reduced foam production

Why foam during washing? What helps?
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Nothing. Foam is by no means cleansing, on the contrary, it is often aggressive and harmful to the skin. The foam is scarcely rinsed, and if it is still present, it does not wash the dirt, which then re-deposited on the clothes. These remnants on our clothes in contact with sensitive skin, and not only with it, often cause redness and itching. Take a sponge full of foam, for example: For how long do we need to rinse it before all the foam is poured out of it? Foam is made up of a certain category of surfactants, which - as has been said - have the ability to attract dirt. The fact that we do not wash the sponge completely results in the foam being full of surfactants and dirt.

Zefiro products containing foam-forming surfactants, which disappear as soon as they are formed.

...are hypoallergenic

The products have been awarded a certificate of low irritation, so it does not even irritate the most sensitive skin. They are suitable for whole family, especially for clothes that come in contact with the skin, such as underwear, newborn and baby clothes, towels or bed linen.

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