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Our dear clients,
you have been demanding a comprehensive sports line for years. We explored, planned, invented, calculated and eventually concluded that before we finished development and production, time would simply run out. In the end, why spend time re-inventing. ). We have found company with a philosophy that is more than close to us, letting them test the products both in terms of chemistry and functionality. We are pleased with good references from both professional athletes and nutritionists.
We believe, that you too will welcome likeable products of the Penco corp. with open arms(just as we do ). And if you wish to read a little about this corporation, here is a small taste of Penco:

We develop goodies for everyone who is interested in sports, now 25 years, with love and wisdom. We have a team of professional atheletes for testing. Try one of our gels, regenerative cocktaisl or sucking candy to protect against cramps. You will indeed feel that you eat, drive, lift, throw, swim, row much better!

Because our main goal is for you to be satisfied to the maximum we can provide to. Our products highlight themselves with extraordinary taste, accurate content of the supplementary substances, stability of the product of the entire durability and a fair price. The health and safety of the declared content of active substances are continuouslycontrolled by the State Laboratory of the Czech Republic.

In the current, PENCO offers almost 40 items. The role of these products is to reduce the risk of illness, to help athletes achieve excellent performance and all that to a life with "something" more. That's why we always work with a team of scientists and doctors during the development of products, we take advantage of the experience and needs of top athletes, we consult new ideas with retailers and dealers who are also in constant contact with you - our customers

Our corporation has an implemented system HACCP – a system of controlling critical points, which ensure top quality of production, adherence to required workflows and quality control of used raw materials and resulting products.

The clear negative attitude towards any doping substances resulted in close cooperation with the Czech Anti-doping Committee, which, on the basis of the performed controls, recommends our company as a reliable producer of functional nutrition for athletes.
< We are proud to help create conditions for the preparation of a number of domestic and foreign top athletes, and we are very pleased to be able to take part in their successes, which are more than often completed with a masterpiece. We also believe that our products will benefit you, which you will certainly appreciate in your active life.
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