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- works on the principle of reverse osmosis
- connects to the water supply lines (preferably under the kitchen)
- it is part of the package for a discounted price

Healthy lifestyle – Water

What water to drink?
Only one answer exists - clean water.

Water is H2O; hydrogen, oxygen and nothing more. Everything else inside pollutes the water. Tap water unfortunately contains besides H2O a variety of different substances, it is like a chemical soup. There are soaps, detergents, sulfuric acid, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, phenol, chlorine, fluorine, iron, copper, mercury, sodium and a whole bunch of other substances.

Dr. Maria Błaszczyszyn, biochemist and theraúist
Natural medicine clinic KOMED, Warsaw

The total amount of water in the body is changed within 20 days. It is evident that such quality of water for human life is of great importance.

The water must be clean, because if it contains any harmful substances, it will be transported to the furthest corners of our organism.

Not only that directly used water has to be rid of harmful ingredients - high water quality is also necessary in the food and pharmaceutical industry, but also in medicine.

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Water on Earth demonstrates a combined vessel that is in constant motion. Even deepwaters (including minerals) that have not been tampered with for millions of years (humans hadno access to them) are now mixed with contaminated surface water, which is a complement to each liter of mineral water pumped to the surface.

We live in a strange time - on the one hand we enjoy the tremendous development of our civilization and we like to use its advantages. However, on the other hand, we suffer from an increasing number of diseases (including civilization), since human environmental contamination has never been so great. Together with the increase in the production of all goods, the amount of waste in the form of waste, sewage and organic chemical compounds grows with an annual production of 150 million tonnes. One-third of this production is inevitably received in the form of waste and wastewater into the environment. Among the organic chemical compounds, the most dangerous are those that are readily and rapidly dissolved in water (currently there are more than 2,500) and among them are the worst cancer-forming compounds.

Chemical compounds dissolved in surface waters, which are raw materials for the production of drinking water in water supply companies, pass through 100% of all the cleaning stages that take place in the waterworks. Waterworks have largely begun at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries only and exclusively for the purpose of disinfecting water and protecting water consumers from contagious epidemics. Before water, which is the most common from the river, is subjected to chlorine disinfection, it undergoes mechanical cleaning in water supply plants, which gradually removes sand, sludge, clay, plant residues, etc., thus obtaining a perfect appearance. However, this water appearance does not mean that the water is clean, healthy and safe because it still contains all chemical compounds that are invisible and tasteless and ominemally undetectable. Hygienic inspection is required to verify that the concentrations of poisons listed in the law do not exceed the specified limits.

On the amount of poison in the water there are limits?! Drinkable water should not contain any poison, even if in a minimal amount.

If the relevant science teams investigate the health consequences of systematic consumption of individual pathogens in water to determine the acceptable concentration, it means that they will always focus only on one selected chemical compound. They never investigate the reaction of consumers to the consumption of several or several dozen toxins at the same time because such research can not be carried out.

The number of women and men who are incapable of having a baby is growing at an alarming rate, we have a high birth and death rate, babies come to the world with milk protein allergies and other defects, the number of allergies increases rapidly, morbidity and death due to cancer. We achieve record results in the number of cancer and deaths due to these illnesses. The fact that cancerous diseases are the result of the use of consumed chemistry is the best evidence of bladder cancer (because our urine is so poisonous) and colon cancer (because too many poisons are in the excrement). The number of allergists is growing in our country by a geometric series because their number is doubled every 20 years. If this tempo does not change, we will still have more allergens in this century than people who are not suffering from these problems yet.

So far, no serious research has been done to address the negative effects of poisoned water and human poison on the human body. It can also not be expected that such investigations will be carried out in the near future, since no industry or healthcare is particularly interested in these studies :(

Healthy clean water in necessary. Really.

Water is one of the most important components of the environment in which we live, except air. which is an essential element necessary for life. Its irreplaceable significance is evidenced by the fact that its content in the body is 70 to 90% and changes with age; In the three-month-old fetus it is about 90%, in the neonate about 80% and in the adult human 70% of the water.

Water is found in all the tissues of our body, even though its distribution is uneven. Water is involved in the absorption of nutrients in the intestines and also in the nutrition of cells. During digestion, the food is transferred to a state allowing it to dissolve in water and is spread over small particles penetrating the intestinal wall into the blood and intracellular fluid and thence into the cells.

Water is a conveyor and heat regulator in the body - it absorbs its excess and prevents it from evaporating through the skin and the respiratory system. It participates in all biochemical reactions, moistens the mucous membranes, eyeballs and ensures mobility of the joints. An adult can survive without food for more than a month, but without water for just a few days. Its inadequate intake leads to rapid dehydration of the body - a lack of water in about 10% of body weight causes physical and mental disorders and a loss of 20% can even lead to death.

Daily requirement for a human is approximately 2.5 liters of water.

  • is involved in the absorption of nutrients in the intestines
  • is the conveyor and heat regulator of the body
  • participates in all biochemical reactions
  • moisturizes the mucous membranes and eyeballs
  • ensures joint mobility



Applicant = a person, who is interested in AWS
OwnerAWS = a person, who purchased the AWS

Technician of AWS
  • The one who performs the first installation of AWS on the water supply system
  • Commissioned and paid by the company STARLIFE
  • Certified by a STARLIFE Certification Card with installation permission
  • STARLIFE will provide him to the commission (AWS Mini Warehouse) with several pieces of AWS available
  • If the AWS training is passed and the final comprehensive test successfully completed, he can also act as Manager of AWS
  • A list of technicians is available on the STARLIFE website in the AWS section

Manager of AWS
  • A representative of STARLIFE, who underwent AWS training and successfully completed the final comprehensive test
  • Is entitled to represent AWS, sell AWS, and service AWS (replacement of individual components)

System AWS
  • A system with all the information regarding the AWS itself and the AWS Owners
  • You can find it after logging in to www.starlife.com in Editing functions
  • Access is made available to anyone who is a certified AWS or AWS Manager
  • Both the AWS technician and the AWS Manager have the obligation to fill in the data to the best of their knowledge and conscience, if not, the certificate will be removed and the AWS or AWS Manager

Service charge AWS Described in an standalone point Servis
If the AWS Owner refuses service (replacement of components), the 2-year legal warranty on AWS is no longer valid.


  1. The applicant will perform his or her order AWS (code according to the statute, see, above)
    • The order includes both AWS and products
    • The order is made directly through the web cart
    • 300 PV for AWS is not included in the LK65 limit
  2. Once the order has been settled (STARLIFE account funds), the Customer will be contacted by the AWS within 48 hours - together with the date and time of the installation.

List of components and recommended time schedule

component specification Exchange [M] exchange depends on ...
1 PP COTTON PRECISION FILTER sedimentation filter 6* each exchange - every 6th M.
2 CARBON ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER preliminary filter with activated carbon 6 each exchange - every 6th M.
3 RO REVERSE OSMOSIS FILTER osmotic membrane 24 each xchange - every 24 M.
4 CARBON ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER final filter with activated carbon 6 each exchange - every 6th M.
5 ORP - REDOX TOURMALINE and MINERALS redox and mineralizer 12 each xchange - every 12 M.
6 UNIVERSAL WATER ACTIVATOR magnetizer without no exchange needed
7 ORP - REDOX TOURMALINE and MINERALS redox and mineralizer 6 each xchange - every 6 M.
*it is not needed to be changed after 3 months, we do recommend to do it if there are more users using AWS (daylong usage 5 and more users).

  • exchange of the components is executed by trained Manager/Technician AWS according to the calendar below
  • price for the exchange is charged as a Service fee (even if the component hasn't been exchanged) every 6 months in amount of:
    • €80/£60/$80 = AWS Owner exchanges the component by itself
    • €120/£90/$120 = the component is changed by AWS Manager/Technician (fare included)
    • Extraordinary maintenance
    • €40/£30/$40 = AWS Owner exchanges the component by itself
    • €80/£60/$80 = the component is changed by AWS Manager/Technician (fare included)
  • 1st year - service is for free
  • 2nd year - service is for free
  • 3rd year - service fee has to be paid
  • To AWS bought under #V090 is not provided service for free (it is AWS bought specifically during EVENT that ended in 31.07.2017 during exchange of AWS (MY2017 for MY2016))


  • month before expiration date some of AWS component, the AWS Owner will obtain e-mail with information of "which component" + contact to Manager/Technician AWS and from eSTAR shall be deducted Service fee (if the service isn't for free €80/£60/$80 or €120/£90/$120 every 6 months)
  • at the same time Manager/Technician AWS also obtain e-mail with information of "which component" + contact on Owner AWS
  • AWS Owner and AWS Manager/Technician settle the date when the component should be exchanged
  • after the exchange AWS Manager/Technician records it into the AWS system

  • Service fee has been deducted if AWS Owner hasn't service for free any longer
  • for the purpose of Service fee payment from eSTAR, it is possible to go "sub-zero"
  • service fee is charged in amount of €80/£60/$80 every 6 months (if AWS Owner exchanges the component by itself), or in amount of €120/£90/$120 (if the component is changed by Manager/Technician AWS) (by deduction from eSTAR, described above)
  • AWS Service fee includes:
    • all components for the exchange
    • care and attention of Manager/Technician AWS
    • fare of Manager/Technician AWS to Owner AWS

The purification of drinking water by reverse osmosis is one of the most modern, most efficient and cheapest methods and is the only method of filtration that can remove water-soluble chemical compounds from water.

This is exactly the field the ACTIVITY WATER STARLIFE works in. The osmotic membrane is not the only part of the filter, the whole assembly contains a magnetiser, redox and mineralizer.

Schéma zapojení AWS 2017
Series ACTIVITY WATER STARLIFE consists of the following elements:
  1. connection to the water supply
  2. Sedimentation filter (PP - COTTON PRECISION FILTER)
  3. Input filter with activated charcoal (CARBON - ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER)
  4. Bidirectional valve
  5. Osmotic membrane (RO - REVERSE OSMOSIS FILTER)
  6. Final filter with activated charcoal (CARBON - ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER)
  7. redox a mineralizátor (ORP - REDOX - TOURMALINE and MINERALS)
  9. Redox and mineralizer (ORP - REDOX - TOURMALINE and MINERALS)
  10. Double faucet
  11. Clean water tank
  12. Suppressor
  13. Connection to unclean water drain

1. connection to the water supply

2. Sedimentation filter
A very effective mechanical filter that retains especially small (over 5 microns) water-insoluble particles.

3. Input filter with activated charcoal
The activated carbon contained in the filter reduces the amount of chlorine in the water and prevents damage to the surface of the following osmotic membrane - the most delicate parts of the machine.
More: 882/5000 Activated charcoal has been used for several years as a filtering material to dechlorinate water and improve its final taste. Activated charcoal was most often made of beechwood and has recently been produced from coconuts. It is produced at temperatures above 600 ° C and under high pressure. Active carbon has good sorption properties against chlorine and water-soluble aromatic compounds. Drinking water from waterworks is intensively chlorinated due to disinfection. Chlorine is a very active gas (used during World War I as a chemical weapon), and excessive concentration of chlorine in water causes destruction of the osmotic membrane. The only effective protection against chlorine is the carbon input filter. Activated charcoal loses its activity through the contact with water and it does not matter how much water it passes through. The decline in coal activity occurs slowly in the first few months but accelerates significantly after 6 months.

4. Two-way valve
This valve is intended to shut off the filter when the water is filled with water.

5. Osmotic membrane
528/5000 The osmotic membrane is the "heart" of the whole system. The process of reverse osmosis removes biological and chemical pollution from the water. Pores of the membrane are 5,000 times smaller than the average bacteria and only pass water particles and mineral elements.
Purification of drinking water using reverse osmosis is among the most modern, most efficient and cheapest methods. This method is the only one that effectively removes undesirable chemical compounds from the water while leaving all the necessary mineral elements in the water -> tastes like water from the mountain stream.

6. Finish filter with activated charcoal
The goal of the final carbon filter is to improve the taste of clean water.

7. Redox + mineralizator
Redox increases the pH of water and reduces its redox potential; Mineralizer enriches water with magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium in a balanced ratio. More:
Free radicals attack us from all sides, they attack ourhealthy cells and cause health problems. They are also one of the causes of "faster" aging. And it's just a redox that generates free hydrogen ions (a very powerful antioxidant) that are able to "dispose" these dangerous free radicals. Redox reduces the ORP's water potential to a negative value while increasing the pH of the water (we get alkaline water, which has so far only been obtained as a product of electrolysis in precious ionizers). Another part of this filter element is a mineralizer, which consists of rare earth minerals (turmalin, zeolite, etc.). The name suggests its function = the final mineralization of purified water = enriches water with magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium in a balanced ratio.

8. Magnetiser
The magnetometer is made of a composite material (consisting of five magnets) forming a tube through which the purified water flows. Thanks to this magnetic field effect, the water reaches its optimal structure, reduces its surface tension and contributes to speeding up all processes of healing and the regeneration of the organism; reducing the aggregation of red blood cells, optimizing blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, and increasing the vitality of the organism.

9. Redox + mineralizator
Redox increases the pH of water and reduces its redox potential; Mineralizer enriches water with magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium in a balanced ratio. ,Mpre:
Free radicals attack us from all sides, they attack ourhealthy cells and cause health problems. They are also one of the causes of "faster" aging. And it's just a redox that generates free hydrogen ions (a very powerful antioxidant) that are able to "dispose" these dangerous free radicals. Redox reduces the ORP's water potential to a negative value while increasing the pH of the water (we get alkaline water, which has so far only been obtained as a product of electrolysis in precious ionizers). Another part of this filter element is a mineralizer, which consists of rare earth minerals (turmalin, zeolite, etc.). The name suggests its function = the final mineralization of purified water = enriches water with magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium in a balanced ratio..

10. Double faucet with clean water
The double tap is permanently attached to the sink or kitchen line and gives a choice of what kind of clean water we require:

  1. The first type going directly from the cleaning process (without redox treatment and mineralizer) and is suitable for cooking, cooking pots
  2. The second type that provides water that has undergone redox and mineralizer - has a high pH, negative redox potential, and more minerals; Is suitable for drinking.

11. A clean water tank
Due to the very careful and therefore slow water purification process (the membrane creates 4 to 5 liters of clean water per hour), the water is collected in a 8 to 10 liter tank (depending on the tap water pressure).

12. Supressor
Unpurified water, where harmful chemicals remain, is flushed directly into the drain through the suppressor.

13. Connection to unclean water drain
The drainage of non-purified water is installed in the sink outlet (the pump is installed retroactively if the water pressure in the water supply is insufficient).

Standard price = 2953 $

Discounted price for a member STARLIFE:

#V991 = 1500 $
You get:
  • AWS device + water tank
  • custom selection of STARLIFE dietary supplements worth 230 $ + 65 % discount (LONGEVITY CLUB membership BRONZE)
  • installation of AWS (incl. transport and labor of a technician)
  • 2-year service (incl. 18 components)
#V992 = 1700 $
You get:
  • AWS device + water tank
  • custom selection of STARLIFE dietary supplements worth 460 $ + 65 % discount (LONGEVITY CLUB membership SILVER)
  • installation of AWS (incl. transport and labor of a technician)
  • 2-year service (incl. 18 components)
#V993 = 2100 $
You get:
  • AWS device + water tank
  • custom selection of STARLIFE dietary supplements worth 920 $ + 65 % discount (LONGEVITY CLUB membership GOLD)
  • installation of AWS (incl. transport and labor of a technician)
  • 2-year service (incl. 18 components)

What water should you drink?
Only one answer exists- clean water. Water is H2O; Hydrogen, oxygen and nothing more. Everything else in it is polluting the water. Water from the tap unfortunately contains a number of different substances besides H2O, it is like a chemical soup. There are soaps, detergents, sulfuric acid, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, phenol, chlorine, fluorine, iron, copper, mercury, sodium and a whole bunch of other substances. The only water that passes the cleanliness condition is only water from our filters based on osmosis reversals in our country. Water purification by this method fundamentally exceeds all other processes because it completely removes chlorine, phenols, volatile and odorous substances without removing water from oxygen and carbon dioxide that make up the taste of water.

Dr. Maria Błaszczyszyn, biochemist and therapist
Natural medicine clinic KOMED, Warsaw

Serious research has not yet been carried out to address the negative effects of poisons consumed together with water on the human organism. It can also not be expected that such investigations will be carried out in the near future, since no industry or healthcare is particularly interested in these studies
And so we bring at least the actual experience of those using a reverse osmosis filter.

Only now did I find out what a tragedy it was of drinking water from the water supply network, because it was often the cause of many health problems of my organism (inflammation of the stomach, intestines and liver and high blood pressure). Now that I have been drinking water from an osmotic device for more than 6 years, these diseases have subsided. Now, without any worries, I take the glass of water from the filter and I know it will not hurt me. My wife and children also have full confidence. Our kettle is still clean, spiral-free.

Witold B., Żywiec

I now have much better digestion and the flatulence and inflammation of the intestines and gastric ulcers disappeared. I consider osmotic water for medicine

Irena J., Wałbrzych

My son, Tomasz, who is 14 years old, had severe pains in the upper and lower backs. Sonographic examination of the abdominal cavity, which was carried out in March 2000, showed numerous gallbladder deposits about 3 cm in length. The doctor recommended taking the medicine called "Biliepar". Another sonographic examination conducted in May 2000 revealed a 5 cm long bearing in the body and neck of the gallbladder. My son used the prescribed Biliepar medication all the time. At the beginning of September 2000, we installed a water filter operating on the principle of so called reverse osmosis. The son began to drink this purified water and after a month of such "treatment" we had a control sonographic examination, this time the deposits were found only 2 cm!!! Another investigation carried out in March 2001 showed complete removal of the bearings. My son was healthy.

Elżbieta K., Poznaň

The health and life of a person depends heavily on the type and quality of water they drink daily.

prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz

In five years (as long as we have an osmosis filter), the bile stones in my gallbladder were reduced by 6 mm. The limescale from our kitchen completely disappeared. Our guests always praised the taste of coffee or tea. I say guests because we have become accustomed to this better taste. Everybody envies us that we can drink water straight from the tap.

Józef H., Brzeg

I have long before reconciled my rejoined my kidney stones, because my father also suffered from this disease, and my doctor assured me that it was untreatable. Still, I was cured, after a few months drinking pure osmotic water.

Zdzisława R., Katovice

When I decided to buy an osmotic device, I knew I was investing in my health. I had kidney problems before and the overall conditioning of the organism has changed. I feel a significant difference in the taste of meals and drinks prepared using osmotic water.

Janina K., Vratislav

We have been using the water that has been cleaned in the osmotic filter for 10 years and we have no stomach or digestive problems at all. We are convinced that we owe it to clean water because our problems are back on vacation when we do not have the chance to drink such water.

Anna H., Żywiec

When I switched to drinking water from the tap to osmotic water, I got rid of kidney stones. My dog so fond of pure water that other wate, he does not drink at all. Limescale disappeared from his teeth.

Witold N., Grudziądz

In my case, problems with the liver and gall bladder have subsided. My daughter got rid of acne.

Anna B., Zagórzany

I can say that since I began to drink purified osmotic water, renal stones stopped forming.

Urszula B., Góra Kalwaria

I am very happy with this clean water because it has relieved me from stomach problems. I often had to vomit after eating and drinking, something just had to be in the water that I responded to it. Now I drink clean water and I cook from it and I have no problems..

Anna L., Okalewko

It was a good idea to buy an osmosis filter even though the price was a little pricey. Today, however, we know that clean water from the filter has completely eliminated digestive problems in me and my wife. Besides that, I got rid of kidney stones, which did not improve with my doctor´s help for years before installing the filter. I recently learned that for people with a kidney disease there is nothing better than pure water.

Wiesław D., Toruň

Only when I started to drink water from my newly purchased osmotic device did my kidneys colic decrease.

Stanisław W., Strzelin

In the present, only osmotic devices are capable of effectively removing toxic chemical compounds from water..

prof. Dr. hab. Zbigniew Jethon – an outstanding specialist in environmental medicine and nutrition.
Author of a series of publications on consumer health protection.
Medical College of Wroclaw

My husband´s kidneys have significantly improved their fnction. The whole family is excited with good health

Dorota D.-D., Gdaňsk

I'm very happy because I got rid of kidney stones thanks to the filtered water. I've already believed the doctors that´d I´d suffer forever. Why don´t Doctors Say (Maybe They Do not Know) that kidney stones can form from dirty water?

Maria K., Chwaszczyno

Before purchasing this modern home station for water purification, all members of the family had seizures in connection with stones in the urinary tract. Today, we got rid of this problem. Cleaned water is definitely more tasty and thanks to this we also save coffee and tea, because in order to reach the expected aroma enough small amount of coffee and tea.

Tadeusz O., Rybnik

I'm very happy with this modern device, because thanks to it I have no gastric and intestinal problems. Everything that my wife prepares from this water in the kitchen tastes different. Previously we did not know that coffee and tea could be so delicious.

Mariusz K., Jaworzno

Thanks tothe clean water, we actually enjoy drinking coffee and tea today. My wife no longer has kidney stones.

Jerzy S., Radom

Immediately we noticed better quality water in the consumed meals and coffee and tea. We stopped complaining about stomach problems and kidney and gall bladder problems. The flatulence that had previously existed in our family in the day was receding.

Maria a Władysław Sz., Krakov

„The most effective for removing various impurities are filters using the so-called reverse osmosis process. They remove 90% of harmful organic and inorganic chemical compounds, including heavy metals.“

deník „Rzeczpospolita“, září 2003

Today, we do not suffer from diseases of the digestive tract and kidneys in our family. Before purchasing an osmotic filter, these troubles often present. I also had an unpleasant heartburn.

Franciszek H., Jejkowice

I have been a long-time user of osmotic equipment and I was relieved of problems associated with digestion due to clean water. Thanks to drinking clean water, I feel much better and stopped spending money on Ranigast

Mirosław R., Białystok

Since we started to use an osmotic filter, I no longer buy water for drinking and cooking in the store. My dishes are clean and free from sediment, food and drinks taste completely different. We consume water without any worries in the raw state. We do not have any stomach problems in our family which our friends complain about.

Wiesława Z., Lipowa

I am very happy because since I started drinking osmotic water I have got rid of stomach and duodenal pain. I am so addicted to this water that I take it in bottles to work and business trips.

Ryszard K., Żory

The water from the filter helped me a lot because I got rid of the unpleasant kidney stones.

Monika P., Żukowo

After purchasing an osmotic device and using clean water to prepare our meals and drinks, my difficult skin allergies withdrew.

Dorota K., Vratislav

Pure water has helped us greatly in treating atopic skin inflammation in our son. In addition, we observe that all members of the household feel better.

Stanisława a Jacek C., Rudy

Pure water helped to treat my child's allergy. I am convinced that the tap water that we were forced to drink earlier had a bad effect on the previous state of his health.

Sylwia Z., Gdaňsk

My baby has been suffering from atopic skin inflammation and various food allergies, whose symptoms have fallen significantly since we started drinking osmotic water. We all notice the taste difference in prepared meals, especially when we visit famous ones who do not have such water. I see a great new good taste to tea, which I can really enjoy.

Andrzej S., Jaworzno

My baby has allergies, but since we started using clean water, there are no recurrences of atopic skin inflammation. I feel great mental well-being when I prepare meals and drinks from clean water and I realize its advantages.

Aldona L., Varšava

Since the mid-20th century we have seen a large increase in allergic diseases around the world. There are a number of theories that try to explain these changes, but the huge influence of gradual contamination of the environment in which we live is not convincing.

Prof. Dr. hab. Danuta Chmielewska-Szewczyk, vynikající klinická autorita, Lékařské centrum Lim, Varšava

In our region there is water rich in calcium and for this reason local residents have problems with kidney sand and stones. In our family, this problem has been resolved when we began to consume pure osmotic water.

Małgorzata M., Krzeszowice

When I worked in Germany a few years ago, I noticed that mineral water was sold exclusively in glass bottles of dark glass. Later, I learned that such bottles are mandatory in Germany because of the release of some toxic chemical compounds from the plastic, and when they are bright and transparent, bacteria develop rapidly in the water. When I returned to Warsaw, we continued to drink only mineral water, of course those that were sold in plastic, and only when we and our husband had read how harmful they were, we started to look for another solution. We chose an osmosis filter , and now we know nothing is wrong. In addition, it turned out that this way we would save a lot of money.

Agnieszka a Andrzej K., Varšava

I have to say that the use of your filter has greatly improved my health and my family's health. In my case, severe pain in the digestive tract subsided. Now we like to drink tea and other beverages from this water because we realize its health value. Thank you

Stanisław M., Lubsza

When I started consuming pure water, my kidneys were retreating. Out of nowhere. The doctors fed me with various medications that did not help them. We also notice that the stone has ceased to settle in the kettle.

Marek A., Racibórz

When we moved to Warsaw 8 years ago, I started to have problems with my stomach and kidneys. I did not know, and I did not expect the cause to be water, because we were still carrying artesian water from the well (the one from the tap could not have been drank, because it was bad). Only in the company I worked in I found a new taste of tea because we have a special osmosis filter inside us in our office. When we bought the same filter three years ago, my stomach problems completely retreated.

Bronisław T., Varšava

I work at a hospital in the urology department, and every day I meet patients who suffered from various urinary tract problems. I myself also had kidney stones that I cured because of drinking osmotic water. I know a few patients to whom I recommended this method and helped them.

I've been using osmotic devices for years. My stomach problems have changed very quickly and I have no idea what the constipation has been for many years. Every day I drink plenty of osmotic water and thanks to it I have a soft and well hydrated skin. My kidneys work very efficiently so they do not have the opportunity to form sand.

Ewa K., Varšava

We are very pleased with my husband to have an osmotic device, because we like the taste of water a lot, and the consciousness that we use pure water has a very positive effect on our overall condition. The stomach pains subsided. Because I have a very sensitive skin, I use this water to wash my face. This has improved the appearance of my skin. Thank you for this excellent product.

Ewa i Bogusław T., Opolí

My allergic daughter also uses this water to wash, so her skin does not dry out and stops her itching. We like to drink this water without cooking. We have enjoyed tea that now has a better taste and appearance.

Maria P., Skarszewy

Thanks to the water from the osmotic device, my health improved - my kidneys make far less sedimentation. Both me and my family are satisfied with the osmotic equipment that we installed in our kitchen.

Lucyna M., Karniowice

In my case urinary tract infections receded due to the presence of sediment and sand in the right kidney. After six months of consumption of osmotic water, these sediments in the kidney completely disappeared. Today I am very happy to be able to drink fresh and safe water again.

Alicja B., Krakov

Complications in the digestive tract have subsided. I'm no longer suffering from constipations that have been terribly troubled by me.

Maria M., Śrem

For 6 years I have an osmotic filter at home and I am very happy with it. My baby has previously suffered from calcium oxalate stones, and now the symptoms of this disease are gradually receding.

Anna M., Pawłów Trzebnicki

Water from the osmotic filter helped me a lot, because my gall bladder has only improved and fits have faded. Beverages made from clean water and the food that is cooked in it make us taste better at home.

Kazimierz L., Nowy Sącz

Over the course of 15 years, I have "nagged" kidney stones twice, and then I lived with the constant fear that this pain will meet me again. When two years ago we had the opportunity to use purified water from our neighbor, we took advantage of it, and surprisingly, my sonography results radically improved. So doctors did not tell me the truth, when they told me all the time that I had to accept that I had such a disease. In our kitchen we now have our own devices with reverse osmosis and my kidneys give me peace. Soon, our children who live alone also install these filters because they already have enough water to carry us to their apartments.

Aleksander B., Vratislav

My mother is 84 years old and has not had renal stones since she started drinking osmotic water. Before that she suffered from kidney stones for many years.

Lidia C., Bobowo

I am 79 years old and my wife 75 and for several years I have benefited from the beneficial effects of an osmotic filter. With clean water from this filter, my wife got rid of bile stones and I kidney stones. Today, we look forward to good health just like our children and grandchildren who also drink this water. "Healthier" is our coffee maker and water kettle because they are no longer a stone.

Ryszard S., Krakov

What did I find out? Simply that the kidney stones and sand have completely disappeared, just like the sediments disappeared and stone in the pots and the kettle. Now my neighbors have ordered such a filter, and they will install it in a week.

Agnieszka P., Chełm Śląski

Thanks to water from an osmotic device, my husband got rid of sand in the kidneys. Now the husband has no kidney problems.

Ewa M., Grodzisk Wielkopolski

I can expressly say that the kidney problems have disappeared, the number of diseases associated with upper respiratory tract infection has decreased and the overall resistance of my body has increased.

Paweł K., Čenstochová

I have a disabled child with a congenital bone fracture. Before installing the osmotic filter, my child suffered three fractures of the limbs in 1.5 years. Now my child has been 9 years old and since he started drinking pure osmotic water, he has significantly improved his health and had no injuries.

Ewa G., Gdaňsk

Since drinking water filtered in an osmotic device, the taste and quality of beverages (coffee, tea and compotes) and prepared meals have improved. Our whole family is feeling better now. I am aquarist and I share my fresh water with my fish.

Zbigniew W., Kleosin

Life in our household has changed greatly since the company selling osmotic filters has installed such equipment in our kitchen. The water can now be drunk right from the tap and the kids are less sick than they once were. The taste of meals and drinks was greatly improved. We like all the juices with this clean water and we have the impression that water improves their taste. In pots, kitchen utensils, and in the kettle, we no longer have sediment and stone. She likes to wash her face and hair with this water. She is softly soft. I also noticed that room flowers now grow better, obviously the tap water did not do well.

Barbara P., Białystok

I've been taught since childhood to never drink the water right out of the withers. Today I can do it without any problems, of course when I drink water from the osmotic device. I'm very happy that even my children have access to clean and healthy water, so I do not have to warn them about drinking such water. Everyone in our family now feels better, and my facial skin is different because I wash my face with osmotic water. The kitchen utensils no longer have scale deposits and the house plants grow nicely and look better.

Barbara P., Białystok

The very consciousness that I use pure water brings me psychological comfort. Tangible proof is my electric kettle, which I have been using for 5 years, and the spiral is still shining as new. My flowers are now more beautiful because they also drink clean water.

Elżbieta Ż., Opolí

Pure water is the foundation of our lives, and since it comes from an osmotic device, we can drink it without overfeeding. It is very tasty. I have small children and I know that when I prepare meals and drinks from this water they are tastier and the children are more willing to eat. We are lovers of good tea and thanks to pure water we can just drink such tea. When we leave the house, we take several bottles of our clean water with us because no other is according to our tastes.

Lucyna H., Żywiec

Now that we can use pure osmotic water, we can prepare different foods for our baby without fear of harming it. We are glad we can drink water straight from the tap.

Jerzy G., Łomianki

I am very pleased with the fact that I can use crystalline water on a daily basis. It has improved the health of my digestive tract. My liver could recover from viral hepatitis. Today I drink water from the filter without any worries and I feel very good.

Maria Ż., Vratislav

It's a miracle - I once had to throw the kettle away after half a year of use because the layer of spiral stone was too big. I've been using the last pot for 5 years and it's still new. I did not know that there could be so much water in the water that it is seemingly invisible. Not only kettles, but also our stomach, kidneys and liver work better now, which can be seen based on medical examination results.

Anna E., Kiełpin

For a long time neither we nor our children suffer from any illnesses. We use the same kettle for several years because there is no stone in our kettle.

Stanisław S., Czyżowice

Thanks to the consumption of pure osmotic water, my digestive tract problems subsided.

Sylwia S., Toruň

Our son had kidney problems for many years, because they formed kidney stones. After the last removal of the kidney stones, we installed an osmotic filter in the kitchen (3 years ago), and the kidney began to unexpectedly work perfectly. Our son is now happy (and us with him) that the kidney stones have not reappear. All people with kidney disease can recommend a clean conscience filter.

Wacław J., Gdaňsk

Neither we nor my doctor could believe it for a long time, but now we have no doubts - the kidney stones I have been fighting for many years simply dissolve and disappear. And it's just because drinking pure osmotic water. I recommend all this valuable equipment.

Bogumiła K., Blachownia

Before using filtered water I had sand in the kidneys. Now I have no trouble. The stones were not formed and the sand completely disappeared. I have an osmotic filter at home for 8 years.

Jadwiga J., Rybnik

The stone ceased not only in my kettle, but also in my kidneys. Tea has a completely different flavor.

Barbara M., Varšava

The flavor of the beverages that I prepare for myself and my children is definitely improved. This better water is also enjoyed by our aquatic animals.

Beata S., Chybie

My children have had their allergies, while my digestive troubles.

Franciszek K., Varšava

Osmotic water from our filter removed the sand from my kidneys. My overall status has also improved. Today I understand that in the tap water there may be invisible substances that are excreted in the form of sand and stones in the kidneys, and I also understand why they need to be removed from the water.

Helena K., Grudziądz

Since I started drinking osmotic water, my digestive tract has greatly improved.

Sandra G., Buk

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